We could not introduce ourselves without talking about the great honor for having participated in the campaign, which at this last Cannes festival in 2022 won a bronze trophy for the commercial “New Feries”, by Agencia Wieden Kennedy SP for Nike.

"We usually say that stories of success don’t happen by chance. It takes an artist to create, develop and synthesize ideas into artwork. We are the artists who did all the development, art direction and 2D animation that interacts with Rayssa Leal in this Nike movie".

- Evanildo Santos, Director & partner at Cartel Cartoon


The Production Company

Cartel Cartoon, a Brazilian production company, is the result of impactful projects and high creative expectations.

The business was created as a new segment of Animact Studio, a company with solid experience in the advertising and animation TV series.

We are a creative studio with remarkable expertise in 2D animation projects. Our goal is assist the market demands and offer clients the best creative solutions for their stories, working directly with advertising and brands.

We combine excitement and commitment to reach our clients’ goals by producing insightful and rich animations, translating ideas into creativity, moving images and visual identity.

Serving the domestic and international markets, our team counts on our leader’ unique skills, on their international experience in Latin America and Europe and their decisive role in large-scale productions for companies such as Nike, Disney, Netflix and others.

The production company designs 2D animation projects tailored to each brands’ needs. It all starts with the visual concept and goes all the way to the final delivery of the film. The whole process includes the following stages:


Given its extensive experience in 2D animation traditional digital, its production process is differentiated: the pre-production of projects is strategically studied, in order to prevent many of them from not materializing due to financial infeasibility or impossibility of execution on the part of the artists. Cartel Cartoon understands that the initial phase of the project requires alignment between the client's desire, the best 2D technique and the best team .

The work begins with the decoupage of the script with the client, to capture the message he seeks to convey to his audience and consumers and plan how the project will be structured in technical terms , aesthetics, team building, project management, budgeting and scheduling.

Then, the Character Design and Concept Art stage begins, followed by the Storyboard, to visually represent the script and be able to tell the story. Finally, Animatic, in order to understand the story in timeline.


Starts the Rough Animation stage, defining the Storytelling poses (main poses capable of telling the story before the movement).

Then follows the Tie Down, Inbetweens, Cleanup and Color phases, fundamental to the process of 2D animation. So that, in the end, the moving characters reach the visual concept defined in pre-production.


Finally, effects are added and the movie edited as planned in the Animatic phase. Here the movie is rendered to the client ready for viewing in its various formats and durations.

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